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Get Well Soon!

We are immensely pleased to launch our new Physiotherapy Clinic at Newlands Medical Centre on 12th May, 2017. At Newlands Physio clinic, We aim to provide high quality, specialist, efficient and affordable physiotherapy service in a friendly environment. Physio's Santha and Kavitha have extensive experience of nearly 19 years in helping people to return to baseline, achieve pain free lifestyle and gain functional independence across all ages. To list a few, we are specialised in rehabilitating patients with Orthopaedic, Musculo-skeletal, Neurological, Cardio-respiratory conditions, Whiplash injuries sustained from Road Traffic accidents, sports injuries, etc.

Every patient is important to us. Hence we modify our comprehensive assessments and treatment plans to suit each individual's needs. Our ethos are focussed on providing professional, compassionate and patient centred care at all times. We also provide therapy services in your own home, if required.

For further info and appointments: Please contact Mr Santhamurthy Dakshinamurthy and Mrs Kavitha Santhamurthy on:
07737192215 | 07737229697 | 01204 846909

Michael Saab


Mr Michael Saab


Consultant in Accident and Emergency Medicine

Mr Saab has undergone Medico­Legal training and holds the Bond Solon Cardiff University Expert Witness Certificate . He has given oral evidence in Court and written an article on Court appearance for the Expert Witness Institute. He has attended hearings for the Medical Practitioners Tribunal Service (MPTS). He has presented nationally, including at the Law Society, on Medico­Legal matters. He has prepared extensively on Clinical Negligence and Personal Injury matters .He has prepared reports for NHS Litigation Authority, General Medical Council and medical Defense Organisation. He has prepared reports on Criminal matters.

Please contact 0161 763 0043 Or Visit www.michaelsaab.co.uk



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Ark is a consultant led team of highly experienced mental health professionals who can help you with a wide variety of conditions including Addictions,Depression, Anxiety, Stress, Memory problems, OCD, Bipolar disorder amongst others effectively. We offer a flexible and caring service supporting home therapy where feasible.

Our P2P service is specially designed to support professionals who value privacy.

Visit their website by clicking Here
Call 01204 846909 for appointment with Dr Kaushal, Consultant Psychiatrist.








Samantha's hair and nails

Our salon is located in a building that has had a loft conversion. It has beautiful features and a relaxed atmosphere, and is definitely a place to be pampered by our qualified and highly trained stylists and technicians. We provide lots of services all from the one location so that you can get everything from your hair and your eyebrows dealt with to your make-up and you’re your nails! In short, we offer the all-in-one beauty service that many Bolton residents might have been looking for.

Find Sam Here: www.samshairsalon.co.uk





Holt Hearing and Balance Services Ltd

Private Digital Hearing Aid Services: As independent State Registered Hearing Aid Audiologists we are able to provide and fit hearing aids from any manufacturer to best suit each individual’s patient’s needs.

Tinnitus & Hyperacusis Services: We offer comprehensive assessments which enable us to offer tailored tinnitus retraining therapy management programmes customised to individual needs, including information, counselling, tinnitus retraining, sound therapy and sleep and relaxation advice.

Balance Services: We are able to offer full diagnostic assessments and deliver rehabilitation plans following referral. Hearing Tests and Ear Wax Removal.

Find them Here:





Group Analysis North is a charitable organisation made up of individuals in the North of England, who are interested in the ideas and practice of Group Analysis and Group Psychotherapy.

We all live, work and play in groups. The essence of being human is social. If you are managing a team or group of people, or are running or participating in groups, an understanding of how groups work and function can be invaluable. Whether you are seeking to gain accreditation in practical group work skills or planning to embark on Group Analyst (UKCP) training Group Analysis North offers a range of training courses and other activities relating to groups within the North West. The Manchester Groupwork Courses are offered on behalf of the Institute of Group Analysis, London.

Find them Here: www.groupanalysisnorth.com





A private medical ultrasound provider ScanAssure specialise in diagnostic medical imaging from both their own clinics or from GP surgeries located within the Northwest. They undertake a wide range of ultrasound diagnostics, including a full range of women's services especially infertility and obstetric scanning.

Find them here: www.scanassure.co.uk



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Chiropractor James Holman has owned the clinic with Alicia Leontieff since 2009 and it has grown from strength to strength during this time. We are a professional, caring and fun loving clinic that cares about their patient’s health and well being and want them to be the best they possibly can be. There is no age restriction when it comes to chiropractic; we treat patients from babies to people in their 90s. People consult us whether they are in pain at present or not.

Please check out our website www.boltonchiro.co.uk for more information about our clinic and services or call us on 01204 848887 were one of our CA’s will be happy to speak to you.






Diet UK

Diet UK have over 20 years experience of helping patients lose weight safely and successfully. Our medical weight loss programmes are tailored for each individual patient by a fully qualified medical doctor, involving healthy eating, lifestyle changes and, where appropriate, prescribed medication for appetite suppression or to boost metabolism.

Find out more at: www.dietukclinics.com



newlands medical centre

We are pleased to launch our new website which will help you to find out more about Newlands Medical Centre. Designed and built by local agency, D-ROOM Digital Marketing Solutions, the new site gives us a great tool to help show you what fantastic offices we have to offer.

"We enjoyed working with all the guys at Newlands and wish them all the success this prestigious office space deserves. If we didn't already have a 'home' Newlands would definitely be at the top of our list as a desirable business residence."

Paul Rignall,
D-ROOM Creative Communications.


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